The Wall Street Finance and Scholastic Training (FAST) Track Program is a rigorous nine-month program that exposes talented women and minority high school students to the financial services industry. Beginning in October, students meet with mentors twice a month and focus on developing skills in two key areas: financial aptitude and career/personal development.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Identify and expose women and minority high school students to the financial services industry and other industries that finance directly and positively affects.
  • Enhance academic career and personal development skills.
  • Provide mentoring, develop and promote financial literacy, and encourage students to consider a career in finance, banking, accounting, economics, and other related fields.

Program Components

  • Informational sessions on Stocks, Bonds, Personal Finance, Business Operations, and Real Estate, Technology and how these instruments enhance the business environment domestically and abroad
  • Comprehensive review of Resume Writing, Interviewing, Networking, Business Etiquette, and Public Speaking techniques through debate competitions
  • On-site one-day tours and visits to financial institutions (NYSE, Museum of Finance, etc.) and educational institutions (Harvard Business School, Trinity College, Howard University, Boston College and others)
  • Interaction with mentors and visiting professionals from the financial services industry
  • Summer Internships with financial institutions in the New York City area
  • Scholarships for graduation seniors ($3,500 to $12,000) from NASP Fasttrack Foundation