Fast Track Business Idea Competition

The Fast Track Business Idea Competition was created in order to get students excited about thinking up and forming new businesses ideas. Stephen Smartt, a Fast Track mentor has generously funded the $500 award that will be presented to the winner at the Fast Track graduation at the end of the year. A panel of judges, including Mr. Smartt will select the best idea. All Fast Track students are eligible to submit an idea. Please complete the form below and submit it electronically by May 15th,...

Jerry Alexis – Mentor

"When the Fast Track program was first introduced to me by a colleague I was in awe of how it changes these young student’s lives. I saw my involvement in the program as a way to build and invest in another generation of talent. We challenge these young people to see opportunities that I was not accustomed when I was their age. Our students have opportunities to work at hedge fund and investment management firms as well as work overseas, an experience every young person should have in their...

Venikqua Wilson – Class of 2008

"I will never forget the lessons that I have learned at FAST Track. I can honestly say that I will probably remember more of what I learned from the program than almost any subject that I studied in school. I am grateful to all of our mentors for their commitment and their drive to push us to be successful. I will never forget my FAST Track experience and I hope to one day come back and be a mentor, no matter what career I end up pursuing. I hope to have the ability to change the lives of teens ...

Other Benefits

Our Outdoor Classroom Experience is an unparalleled teacher. Fast Trackers learn how stocks are traded by visiting the New York Stock Exchange, learn the importance of giving back as they serve the community, and gain inspiration and networking skills by attending college tours and various events such as NASP NY's annual Hall of Fame dinner. Whether it be bowling, learning how to play golf, or visiting a school or business, Fast Trackers learn and have fun in and outside of the classroom. ...

Our Leaders

Fast Track participants have an opportunity to learn from and interact with a dedicated group of mentors who have careers in the financial services industry. With an average of ten years of work experience, our mentors are an invaluable resource to our students. They are available to explain business concepts, provide guidance and advice, and review college application essays. Long lasting bonds are established and some students continue to interact with mentors years after they have completed th...

Our Students

Our students come from high schools throughout the New York City area and have gone on to attend college throughout the country. Students show an increase in confidence as well as social and professional skills as a result of their participation in the program. Additionally, the exposure to the financial services industry and resulting practical knowledge gained provide a solid foundation for a career on Wall St. as well as improvement in their overall academic performance. Some of the partic...