Stephen F. Smartt

Executive Director

Schools Attended: Morehouse College; Candidate for MS at Hunter College
Major: Political Science; Urban Policy (MS)
Licenses: Licenses 6, 7, 63 and 65 life and health
Employer: JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
Years with FT: 2007 – present
FT Testimonial: I began as a mentor right before the height of the financial crisis. It was a time of uncertainty for not only the country but the mentors, students (parents);everyone was affected and looking for answers. We (mentors) discussed the different terms so much that the students could explain what occurred. I’m pretty sure that open forum assisted a number of students when it came to writing college essays as well as interviewing with the top firms.

Jerry Alexis

School Attended/Major: Buffalo State College
Major: English, Minor in Economics; University of Phoenix, MBA
Employer: JP Morgan Chase
Current Position: Compliance Analyst
Years with FT: 4 years
FT Testimonial: When the FastTrack Program was first introduced to me by my colleague I was in awe how it changes these young students’ lives. I saw it as a way to build the next group of elite of color and gender into our society. We challenge these young adults to seek opportunities, more so than what I was accustomed to growing up. They have the opportunity to work in hedge funds firms, investment management firms and as well as work overseas. It is an experience every child should have in his/her life.

Derrick P. Haynes

School Attended: Morehouse College ’10
Major: Economics
Employer: Goldman Sachs
Current Position: Third Party Distribution / Analyst
Years with FT: Student for 2 years; Mentor for 1 year
FT Testimonial: Joining FAST Track in 2004 was a life-changing experience. The program is second to none in teaching high school students about the basics of financial literacy. The program size allows the mentors to provide the benefit of a small classroom setting where the pace is dictated by the students. I attribute all of my career success to my relationship with the FAST Track Family. Growing up in Harlem in the mid-90’s – early 2000’s, my parents did their best to keep me on the right path in education, and FAST Track took that foundation my family provided and constructed a personal step ladder I will use to travel to new heights both as a professional and a citizen.

Gwendolyn Grant-Gallimore

Schools Attended: New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn College
Major: A.A.S., B.S. in Legal Studies, Education
Employer: New York City Board of Education
Current Position: High School teacher
Years with FT: 2 years as a parent of a fast track student, presently serving as a mentor
FT Testimonial: I was introduced to the Fast Track program by my daughter. My daughter
participated in this program for the past two years. I noticed a transformation in my daughter
from her being a part of this program. By being an active and not passive participant she was
able to come to the realization of her leadership skills and other qualities that she possessed.
The fast track mentors played a significant role by assisting her in coming to this realization.
So I decided that I want to be a part of this change to encourage students with great skills and potential.

Taylor Strode

Schools Attended: Quinnipiac University
Major: Bachelor of Science in Finance
Employer: Dow Jones Company
Current Position: Financial Planning Analyst
Years with FT: First year
FT Testimonial: Even though I am new to the Fast Track program, I have been able to witness how essential this program is to our community, and how much it means to the students to have people rooting for them to succeed. I am honored to be apart of the program this year and hopefully for many years.

Teerra (TJ) Johnson

Schools Attended: Spelman College
Major: Political Science Major/ Spanish Minor
Employer: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Current Position: Analyst (soon to be Associate)- Internal Communications / Marketing / PR
Years with FT: 3 years
FT Testimonial: As a mentor in the infancy of my career, it is essential to pass along the wisdom acquired from a millennial in corporate America to our next generation of leaders in the financial industry. FASTTRACK creates a highly energetic, educational, and relationship building environment in order to achieve optimal levels of growth and success amongst the students and dedicated mentors.

Tamara Laville

Schools Attended: University of Massachusetts, Boston
Major: Sociology, BA
Employer: Alchemy Global Advisors
Current Position: Principal
Years with FT: May 2016- Present
FT Testimonial: I have long aspired to become a mentor. The Fast Track program is an exceptional vehicle to participate and work in tandem with bright young people to identify their dreams and skill set as well as to inspire them to become the architects of their lives. As a guest panelist I had the opportunity to meet with some of the young people in the Fast Track program and was impressed and moved by their presence and palatable passion to improve their lives. I’m first generation American; I cherish my freedom and opportunities to engineer a life on my terms. As a mentor, in the Fast Track program I have the privilege to say thank you for all my blessings by empowering young people to achieve their best self according to their own skill set and make choices that they can be proud of and propel them towards a financially secure future.

Sheldon Sumpter

Schools Attended: New York University
Major: Economics, Minor in Philosophy
Employer: Hall Capital Partners
Current Position: Portfolio Management Group Analyst
Years with FT: 2016- Present
FT Testimonial: It is an honor and a privilege to be able to serve the students as an FT mentor. In this position it is my goal and desire to aid the students not only in their professional development and expanding financial knowledge, but also the soft skills that are instrumental in being able to maneuver through life. Empowering, motivating, and equipping the students with the tools to being all of the amazing individuals they already are is a great joy of mines. Having a tremendously positive impact in the lives of the students, and by extension the communities they have an influence on, is one of the greatest things I can do. On top of all of that my life is enriched by the inspiration they provide. I too find inspiration through them.

Steve Myrtil

Employer: New York Life
Current Position: Financial Representative
Years with FT: 2015 – present
FT Testimonial: Fast Track is a great program that allows me to educate the amazing students that want to enter the world of finance. This program is creating strong interest in communities that may not have otherwise been reached. Fast Track students are hungry for knowledge and it shows by their participation and questions they ask. This invigorates me to be part of something so much bigger than me. The future of our community is in these students and the legacy Fast Track is building.

Emile A. Viaud

Executive Director Emeritus

School Attended: New York University
Major: B.S; International Business & Management
Employer: Institute for Private Investors
Current Position: Director of Private Wealth Business Development
Years with FT: 15 Years
FT Testimonial:The FASTTrack Program has surfaced in me, a conviction to service a community of young H.S. adults, who have willingly signed up to be mentored, intellectually, academically challenged, professionally groomed trusted stewards and I could not in good conscience turn away from that call to serve them justly, with all that I have and It has been the greatest satisfaction of my adult life and my honor to do so, along side the other mentors present and no longer with us.